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:: Saturday, December 05, 2009 ::

Obama's Sympathy Tour

Although Reagan and Clinton also had alcoholic fathers and abandonment issues, Obama is nothing like them. He's a narcissist, and narcissists are incapable of empathy - feeling others' pain. Clinton, for all of his pathological lying and manipulation, did project real empathy. Reagan was the salt of the earth - incapable of deception, incapable of maudlin lip-biting. Obama is flat, two-dimensional. Like any narcissist, he doesn't have a fully developed personality, and he does not connect with other people, because it's always a one-way transaction - you give, he receives.

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:: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 ::
Obama: The Shuck-And-Jiver In Chief

Our enemies laugh at us, our friends shudder with embarrassment. We have a leader who bows to tinpot kings and apologizes on behalf of a country in which he has spent hardly any time , and on behalf of a people for whom he has utter contempt. His bitter hatred for the military is impossible to disguise, even with his prodigious talents of deceit. We have a fraud at the helm who can't tell where he's taking us because he has a mirror instead of a window and a teleprompter instead of a brain.

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:: Saturday, November 07, 2009 ::
Islam Is Not A Religion

Stop thinking of Islam as a religion and start thinking of it as an all-encompassing totalitarian ideological system. Communism was similar, but it simply dispensed with religion, eliminating factions based on abstract doctrinal differences (Sunni v Shiite). This was a huge advantage in enforcing uniformity and discipline. Islam however has the advantage of obtaining religious protections from weak western societies that don't understand that Islam is NOT a religion and it does NOT merit these protections.

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:: Saturday, April 26, 2008 ::
Glomal Warbling Hoax - Government's Own Measurements Debunk "Scientists"

There's a reason they call it "Political Science". Liberal fascists promote Glomal Warbling - the ultimate hoax for panicking us into surrendering our last remnants of freedom. Read More >>

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:: Monday, March 17, 2008 ::
Obama's Race War

Obama's pastor of 20 years hates America.
Obama's wife hates America.
Obama's supporters hate America.
Obama is good pals with a 60s Weatherman terrorist.

Am I missing something here, or is there something really historic happening? With Obama, get ready for racial paybacks. He will do whatever his rabid supporters demand. This is not a person who thinks for himself. He will go with the looters and the mob.

The Clintons can hardly contain their glee - mainly because they can't be blamed for this one.

The Democrat party was founded by slave owners. It brought the Civil War to protect the slaveholder's interests. The Democrat party responded to Republican president Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation by passing Jim Crow laws. The Democrat party fought integration and Civil Rights legislation to the bitter end. The Democrat party's psychobabble excuses for anti-european hate crimes has enabled generations of murderous predators to roam unimpeded by the "justice" system.

Will blacks ever wake up to realize that the race baiting , class warfare, and soft bigotry of the Democrat party is what is keeping them down?

I don't think America is ready to elect a President with this kind of radical baggage. Beyond that, the Democrat party deserves whatever unpleasant consequences result from their perpetual racial hate campaign.

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:: Saturday, March 08, 2008 ::
Karl Rove Joins McCain Team

Karl Rove is no genius. He's the architect of Bush's disastrous amnesty program, which alienated Mexicans and split the party. He also presided over the 2006 Republican bloodbath in Congress.

McCain's use of Bush retreads like Rove is proof that he can't think for himself. Ever notice that it's always McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Lieberman? McCain isn't smart enough to come up with ideas of his own - he has to borrow them. He can't go to the Republicans because he has alienated them, so he has to go over to the Democrats. McCain gives the liberal fascists invaluable cover for their socialist schemes. In return , he gets to pretend he's a statesman. "Reaching across the aisle" is not a sign of statemanship - it's a sign of weakness.

McCain is mentally weak, he has low intelligence. He has character weaknesses - he's hot tempered, unable to control impulses, he carries grudges, personalizes disagreement, and resorts to profanity and name-calling. This is because McCain isn't intelligent enough to debate issues. Look at the liberal idea he has taken up - they're idiotic.

McCain is headed for a richly deserved landslide defeat. Neither Rove nor Melman nor all the King's men are going to be able to put Humpty Dumbhead back together again.

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:: Sunday, March 02, 2008 ::
Virtual Fence Is a Real Fraud

If there was any doubt as to the intentions of America's political class regarding border security, the revelation that the touted "virtual fence" isn't expected to work for another three years, if ever, nails it. It is no coincidence that this announcement was made only after both political parties have a guaranteed open-borders candidate, and only after Congress refused to fund a real fence. When it comes to border security, the only thing we hear from Washington is "It can't be done." I don't believe the 'virtual fence' was ever intended to work. I think it was just another sham designed to quiet the growing frustration and anger over the Bush administration's willful abandonment of our borders. If Senator John "Amnesty" McCain wins, you can count on more of the same.

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:: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 ::
Joy Behar is an anti-Catholic Bigot

On Barbara Walters (Jewish) show, The (perverted) View, anti-Catholic bigotry is rampant.


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:: Thursday, December 13, 2007 ::
Earth Destroyed - Poor, Minorities Hardest Hit

You can't even make this stuff up:

"Poor Hardest Hit By Climate Change"

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:: Sunday, November 04, 2007 ::
Sacramento Bee Headline: "Gleeful Opponents Bash Clinton on Immigration"

Super-misleading headline which is what you expect from McClatchy newspapers. I didn't see any "glee" at teh Philadelphia debate. I saw concern and frustration trying to get a straight answer out of her. I didn't see any "bashing" either, simply a polite series of follow up questions as she tried to spin her latest answers to contradict the immediate previous ones. And why the misleading term "immigration", when they were really talking about ILLEGAL immigrants? But what's most disturbing about the post-debate spin by the media is the spiking of the real story - Hillary's meltdown over the Clintons' refusal to release the records of her unelected involvement in White House policymaking and her Nixonian role in directing operations against their enemies. There is a lot more bubbling under the surface of Hillary than we are being allowed to see.

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:: Friday, October 19, 2007 ::
Hillary Clinton Will Confiscate the Internet and Use It For Marxist Propaganda

It's not coincidence that the Clintons are so cozy with the Communist Chinese. That's because they are so close philosophically. The Chinese have a stranglehold on all communications, and especially the Internet. Hillary is envious of the mind-control propaganda powers of the Chinese, and she plans to confiscate the Internet by Executive Order soon after she attains the throne. Hillary will eradicate the First Amendment by Executive Order, implementing her own perverted version of the "Fairness" Doctrine. Read More>>

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:: Friday, September 21, 2007 ::
Sacramento Bee Cheers Racist Murdering Mob in Jena

Outrageous that the Sacramento Bee spins the racist Jena mob as a search for "racial justice". If those murdering racist thugs are given a pass like OJ, it's another sign that our "justice" system allows blacks and Mexicans to literally get away with murder. Like the Rodney-King massacre in LA, these incidents prove that the courts do not protect European-Americans from these animals and that we need to take aggressive steps to protect ourselves by any means necessary. European-Americans need our own protective forces against racist haters who are being encouraged by hate criminals like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the leftist press. The police have been politicized to look the other way when blacks and Mexicans commit serious, violent crime. Black-on-white racism is a daily fact of life that is not being reported by the marxist press. Instead we get propaganda that makes murderers look like civil rights heroes. The Sacramento Bee is disgusting, racist, communist propaganda trash newspaper.

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:: Thursday, September 13, 2007 ::
Doing the Jobs Americans Won't Do

Five-time deported illegal invader brutally binds, gags, and murders his victims. Read More >>

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:: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 ::
Doing The Jobs Americans Won't Do

Mexican Drug Gang Assassin "Bart" Reta

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:: Friday, August 10, 2007 ::
Hillary Clinton: How Dare You Call Universal Health Care Socialized Medicine?

Great article. Hillary at her best: arrogant, condescending, racist, sneering liar.

Read more>>

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:: Sunday, July 22, 2007 ::
Cecilia Munoz - Minister of Hate

La Racist/La Raza top dog Cecilia Munoz is on a hate rampage against anyone who opposes the Mexican Invasion. Problem is, the race card has been used so many times that the spots have worn off. No one is buying the idea anymore that opposing an invasion by people who spit on our language, laws, and culture equals hatred. It's really tough love. Only if you hate yourself and your country do you support the invasion. Boycott everything Mexican, and send a strong message to Minister of Hate Cecilia Munoz that the invasion will be repelled.

:: doctorfixit 9:11 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, June 29, 2007 ::
Roberts Court Gives Hope For European American Equality

After generations of government warfare against European Americans, the Roberts Court has provided a ray of hope that someday the US Constitution will return from exile, and Equal Protection Under the Law will again be honored as the law of the land.

The long-awaited removal of anti-european racist justice Sandra Day O'Fuckhead set the stage for European Americans to regain their lost contitutional rights, rights denied them since the Ted Kennedy/Richard Nixon era of reverse racism laws passed in the late 1960s.

As if on cue, Democrat party politicians wrung their hands and whined incoherently, increasingly at a loss to justify government discrimination against European Americans in liberal strongholds like Seattle, where it is difficult for liberals to declare themselves so racist that government intervention in local school decisions is justified. After the racism argument was rendered moot, liberals changed the game by engaging in "voluntary" reverse racism, based on phony, illusory, and discredited "benefits" of "diversity".

The Supreme Court finally obtained enough members to deal honestly with this outrage.

:: doctorfixit 7:23 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, June 28, 2007 ::
Americans Reject La Racist/La Raza Surrender Demand

Let's recap some of the lies from Bush, Kennedy, McCain, Kyl, Graham, Feinstein, Michael Jerkoff, and the others about the amnesty plan:

1. "In the shadows". Hard to find shade when you're marching around waving Mexican flags. Even Islamic terrorist illegal aliens live right out in the open, partying at strip clubs and enrolling in flight schools. I wish the invaders WERE in the shadows instead of clogging up the freeway everywhere I go.

2. "Can't deport them". If we make their lives miserable enough here, they'll go . Every American can do their part by boycotting Mexicans.

3. "Fence is too expensive". What this really means is "American citizenship isn't worth protecting."

4. "Path to citizenship". The path is already there for millions of people who want to play by the rules. The Mexican invaders aren't interested in becoming citizens. They don't even want to be citizens of Mexico, or they would work to improve their own country.

5. "Immigrants are a net gain to economy". Mexican invaders are not immigrants, they are invaders, and they are bankrupting America. German storm trooper "immigrants" were a net gain to France's economy, too. So what? Is it all about selling America to the cheapest bidder?

6. "Opponents of amnesty are racists". Nothing is more racist than invading someone else's country and forcing them to pay tribute in the form of "free" social services; refusing to learn the language, and all the other non-assimilating racist behaviors of the Mexican invaders.

7. "American economy can't survive without the Mexican invaders". I mow my own lawn, I refuse to do business with any company that hires illegals, and I buy my produce from farms that don't hire illegals. Guess what? I'm doing just fine. Take 12 million illegals off our highways and out of our schools and hospitals, and I'll appreciate the reduced congestion, pollution, and waiting in lines. Getting rid of the invaders would be like pulling your finger out of a bucket of boiling water. Feels a lot better, and you really don't notice any hole left behind.

8. "If we don't surrender & grant amnesty, they won't vote for us". Karl Rove's favorite lie. The Mexican invaders will always vote for the "get whitey" party. No amount of ass-kissing by Bush is going to change that fact. They will never be Republicans. Mexican invaders hate, hate, hate the gringo. If the Republican party disappears, fine. European Americans need a party that supports them and their homeland. Fuck the Republicans. They only care about big business and cheap labor.

:: doctorfixit 10:05 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, June 17, 2007 ::
The End of America

Historians may well point out that President George W.Bush's refusal to secure American borders was a seminal event, a milestone marking a clear demarcation in the degeneration of the modern democracy model of government. Seperate from the merits of the arguments for and against a borderless nation, President Bush's obdurate refusal to enforce borders, along with Congress' complicity in his massive amnesty for the invaders, is clear evidence that America's political classes no longer act in response to political inputs from the governed. There is now a complete disassociation between the political elites and the masses. This calls for non-political methods of effecting desired political outcomes. If Americans are to retain any control over their destiny, they must begin immediately to communicate, organize, and act in ways that will enhance their probability of survival, ways that have nothing to do with marching,letter writing, or voting. For the fact is that American political elites have created powerful and supremely motivated enemies worldwide who seek to destroy not the American government, but the people themselves. And the fact is that American democracy is a sham, largely because of the two party system.. It is more than symbolic that the object of Bush's border betrayal is the importation of millions of people who have no investment or interest in a functioning democatic republic form of government.

:: doctorfixit 6:55 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday, June 02, 2007 ::
Bush Courts Mexican Votes By Calling Republicans Racist

One of the more egregious lies being spread by open borders advocates is that California Prop 187 drove Mexicans into the arms of Democrat ballot box-stuffers - and that all those illegal aliens would be voting Republican - if only Pete Wilson and an overwhelming majority of Californians were not such racists.

Now President Bush and his sycophants are coming out of the bunkers, and they are libeling opponents of this odious amnesty with taunts of racism. In the words of Sen. Lindsay Graham "We are going to shut the bigots up". Linda Chavez says we're "loudmouths".

Well, I have news for you. South Carolina voters are going to throw Graham out with the trash in the next election. Linda Chavez can go crawl back under whatever rock she slithered out from.

Quoting Heather McDonald in National Review online about the latest such propaganda from Jeb Bush and Mel Martinez:

"Too bad they didn’t read their own op-ed. No Republican presidential nominee has won California since 1988, they report. (note: that's 1988) Prop. 187 must be one powerful toxin, if it can alienate Hispanics six years before it even exists.

In fact, California’s transformation from “Reagan country” to labor-union country is the far more likely consequence of the growing Hispanic population per se and the corresponding outflow of white Republicans to other states. In 1990, California was one-quarter Latino and 57-percent white; in 2000, it was 32-percent Latino and 47-percent white; in 2005, Latinos constituted 35 percent, and whites 43 percent, of the population. Those shifting demographics have been accompanied by the growing clout of the Democratic party, and of California's public-service unions, not because of some vestigial memory of 187, but because they appeal to low-wage, low-skilled Hispanics. Los Angeles politics are now closely intertwined with the unionized Left, now that Latinos in 2005 made up 47 percent of the population and whites, 30 percent. The idea that Prop. 187, now 12 years old, is driving this massive shift is fanciful. California provides a glimpse of the likely political future if poor Hispanics continue to be the fastest-growing demographic in the country."

California's far left politics has become ever more so with the continuing Mexican invasion, witness the flag burnings, strident La Racist/La Raza calls for repatriation, etc. Soon we will see moves to make Caracas, Venezuela a sister city, official state honors for Chavez, Castro etc., as the Mexican invaders grow ever bolder and ever more Bolshevik, and as both political parties fall over each other promising taxpayer-paid goodies to buy their votes. It's no wonder European Americans are bailing out of California by the hundreds of thousands each year. Not only are both Democrat and Republican parties demonizing us, they are forcing us to pay tribute to these invaders!

Just because the Republican party wants to commit suicide doesn't mean that European Americans are obligated to go along for the ride. We are importing millions of people who viscerally hate european american "gringos", because they represent the european oligarchy of Mexico that has oppressed them for centuries. Can you blame them? Of course they put on a happy face for Senor Bush - el padron, just as they do in Mexico. But in America, unlike Mexico, they can vote for a party that promises revenge against europeans. Until now, that would be the Democrat party. But Bush and his hacks have now come along to point out that the Democrats are right - Republicans really are a bunch of racists for not rewarding you for breaking our laws and stealing our jobs and not paying taxes and murdering, raping, and drug dealing.

And this is somehow going to persuade Mexicans to vote Republican, when the leader of the party calls Republicans anti-Mexican racists?

This plutocrat moron Bush has thrown down the challenge. Are European Americans going to stand silent in the face of the Republican party's repulsive demagoguery and race baiting? Or will they give the Republicans what they deserve, and destroy them at the polls?

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:: Monday, May 21, 2007 ::

Electron Microscopes Reveal the Virus That Causes Genital Warts

This is a magnified view of the virus that causes genital warts, thought to be a pre-cursor to cancer of the genitals.

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:: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 ::
Global Warming Scam Employs Thousands of Parasite Bureaucrats

Government perpetuates problems - it never solves them. "Global Warming" is a new twist - a special case where government not only perpetuates the problem - it invented a problem that does not exist. Already, huge new bureaucracies are envisioned with the power to control the entire world economy - and even whether or not you will be allowed to breathe the air. Bureaucrats have long ago decided that they own the atmosphere. With the help of black-robed tyrants on the US Supreme Court, led by Anthony Kennedy, they have decreed that carbon dioxide, a substance in existence since the foramtion of our planet, and without which life on earth cannot exist, is suddenly a dangerous pollutant.

Global warming is a hoax, and the proof is the virulence of the attacks on anyone who tries to expose the lies. Global warming is the vehicle by which the left wing intends to emplace the final components in the construction of worldwide totalitarianism and politically-based genocide. Global warming and so-called "environmental crimes" will be the basis for extermination of the last remnants of private property, as well as the extermination of the entire population of people who believe in freedom from government tyranny.

The power of the global warming myth is its hynotic power to deceive politicians of every persuasion, even those who pretend to believe in private property and individual liberty. It is the most dangerous ideology since the totalitarian philosophies of the 20th century. And Al Gore is one of the top most dangerous demogogues of the last 100 years. He is relentless in his pursuit of totalitarian power, and if he has any success it will be gravely dangerous to freedom anywhere in the world. Fortunately, Al Gore does not have the sociopathic charm of Bill Clinton, and it is easy for most to see the insincerity and dishonesty that underlies everything Al Gore does. As horrible as George Bush is, the one saving factor is - he's not Al Gore.

:: doctorfixit 11:47 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 ::
Liberalism Is A Hate Crime

Maybe the way to stop liberals from using the government to harass and oppress their political enemies is to turn the tables. If we make liberalism a hate crime under the law, we can then start locking them up. After they've been in prison for a few decades, they may re-think the idea of using the government to persecute people on the basis of their religious, cultural, or political ideas. If thoughts are a crime, surely the idea of stealing the fruits of hard work and distributing them to those who don't contribute anything to the community has to rank right at the top of criminal thinking. After all, turnabout is fair play.

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:: Friday, April 06, 2007 ::
Giuliani Self Destructs Promoting Government-Paid Abortions

He got in trouble with me when he started talking about a Constitutional right to an abortion. There is no such thing. What we have is a bogus "right" to an abortion that was "discovered" lurking in the shadows of the Constitution by a black-robed baby butcher named Blackmun. Blackmun's dead now, and he'll burn in hell forever. And so will Giuliani, if he doesn't stop promoting this unspeakable holocaust of the innocent unborn. On the other hand, if there is one issue that will finally begin the 2nd Civil War and a renewal of American decency, forcing taxpayers to pay for the murder of unborn innocent children may be the one. So maybe Giuliani is getting us closer to the realization that there is not a single politician in America that is willing to stand up for what is right, on this or any other issue, and it's time to visit upon the political class the consequences they have been so willing to dispense on others. In the meantime, Giuliani joins Amnesty McCain on the long list of politicians who will never get my vote.

:: doctorfixit 10:48 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, February 18, 2007 ::
Weintraub's Feel-good Open Borders Propaganda

Weintraub's piece on illegal aliens is meant to comfort us on the ever growing invasion from Mexico and Central America, but it's totally incorrect, and dishonest in some ways, because I think he knows better.

His use of the term "boomers" is really disrespectful, and actually somewhat racist. It's clear from the use of this term that this article is meant to be condescending and pedantic, a lot like the patronizing crap that Ruben Navarette writes. I'm surprised he didn't call us "Anglo boomers".

Americans don't "need" immigrants. Let's try stopping the invasion for thirty years or so, and see what happens. I'll bet that low-skilled blacks and other jobless native Americans will appreciate the opportunities they are now being denied by the invaders. One of the biggest complaints I have about open-borders advocates is their economic racism against our own poor blacks.

The invading Mexicans and Central Americans are most definitely not learning English, and I think this is where Weihtraub is being dishonest, because I think he knows better. They have no interest in "becoming American", and they are stubbornly determined to resist assimilation, much like the Hmongs. Illegal aliens are flying the Mexican flag and screaming about Aztlan and reconquista. Visit the 2nd largest Mexican city in the world, Los Angeles, and try to convince me it's not Mexico. The proof comes when you put two Mexicans in a place with one American, and listen to which language they use - it's always Mexican.

Plunging birth rate? Mexican births are the only reason that America's population is not shrinking like Europe's. Weintraub knows this, too.

What will America look like in thirty years if the open borders people continue to have their way? Well, just look at Mexico. Go to Guadalajara and visit the European colonies there. Of course, these folks live very comfortably with all the cheap labor waiting on them hand and foot, servants who speak a language they don't understand except enough phrases like "can you run a dust cloth over this for me" . It's such a nice life that they don't mind the fact that the Mexican government will never allow them to own property, or become citizens (who would want to?). It may be comfortable, but it's not America. And it depends on a ruthless federal police force to keep order and protect the oligarchy from the peasants.

Feel-good propaganda from the open borders folks is not good for America. We need to hear the truth. And the truth is, that although aging Americans may appreciate having cheap help, they are not going to feel good about losing their country in order to get it, and they are going to hate their own government for forcing them to accept this invasion in order to bail out the Social Security pyramid scheme. In addition, Americans need to hear about the ongoing race war between the Mexicans, who are among the most prejudiced people on the planet,and American blacks. I know why this story is being suppressed by the media and the goverment, but it's going to explode one of these days, and make the fires of '67 look like a backyard barbecue.

:: doctorfixit 6:34 AM [+] ::
:: Friday, February 16, 2007 ::
Anti-Catholic Bigot Blogger Amanda Marcotte Spins Her Excuse for Hate-filled Blasphemy

Don't bother following this link. It will only waste your time with anti-Catholic venom attempting to explain the writing that dooms her soul to everlasting hell.

:: doctorfixit 7:33 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, February 02, 2007 ::
Why Libertarians Will Never Win

Mr. Kling is an honorable man with noble motives. But the more I read these principles, the more I get a feeling of passivity and non-engagement, and of course this is the curse of libertarians. We only want to be left alone, and it's against our principles to tell others what to do, as much as we loathe it when it happens to us. And so libertarians will never rule. We are facing now several world movements that have promised to destroy and enslave all those who cherish freedom. One is the "global warming" conspiracy that has been engineered by the UN in order to impose worldwide totalitarian Marxism. The other is of course the Islamic cult of death and enslavement, which has vowed to annhiliate anyone who dreams of individual freedom. Our government is mindlessly falling into a series of traps that have the effect of protecting these enemies and enhancing their probability of success, and we must not be deceived by the insanely expensive circus show that is being performed in Iraq to convince us that our government will protect us. The survival of western civilization and freedom will hinge on whether we can recognize in time the threat that our own socialist government poses in its willingness to accommodate these enemies. It is not the time for lukewarm, passive philosophizing. We are not free today, we are slaves of socialism, a socialist order that has clearly demonstrated an intent to surrender to the twin evils of Marxism and Islam. In order to become free, Libertarians will have to ally them selves with warriors. Freedom will require earth-shaking levels of courage and the willingness to rip the guts out of our enemies with our bare teeth. Something along these lines is what I am waiting to see from Libertarians in the way of organizing principles.

:: doctorfixit 8:25 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, February 01, 2007 ::
We Have Now Just One Party

The Republican Party is redundant. Like the Episcopal Church and the Catholic Church, the only difference is the top guy, or top gay, as the case may be. "Exporting democracy" is pure, delusional, Wilsonian Democrat lunacy. The Bush-led explosion in federal involvement in local schools and health care is unadulterated socialism. Open borders and amnesty for illegals is pure one-world-government Marxism. The Republican Party has become indistinguishable from the Democrat Party, even on the one issue that once separated them, foreign policy, i.e., Iraq and the Middle East. There is simply no place in American politics for a libertarian conservative to go. I feel totally alienated from the political system, which I believe is inimical to my interests, my goals, and my values.

:: doctorfixit 1:05 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 ::
New Lord's Prayer - Hillary Version

Get this memorized on the double!

Our Hillary, who art in Washington, hollow be thy game. Thy girlfriends come, thy Bill is scum, on earth busybody heaven. Government pay's our daily bread. And give us our press passes, as we forgive those who have something on us. And plead us not guilty for ruining the nation, but deliver us some evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever, amen.

:: doctorfixit 10:22 AM [+] ::
Gerald Ford 1913 - 2006

Gerald Ford appointed John Paul Stevens, the execrable, senile, undying scourge on the US Supreme Court. That is even more unforgiveable than the facts that he pardoned Nixon, kept Reagan out of the White House, or failed to beat Jimmy Carter. The 1970s were certainly the worst decade of my life, and this would be agreed by most who lived through those awful years, but I can only blame Jimmy Carter for the last and worst half of that decade. The first half was ruined by Nixon and Ford. Except for his support for the butchery of unborn babies, Ford was seemingly a very nice man, but he pretty much should have stayed in the Congress. May he rest in peace, and may liberal Republicanism go to its grave along with him.

:: doctorfixit 2:54 AM [+] ::
:: Friday, December 22, 2006 ::
The Obama-nable SnowJob is a Fake

You heard it here first - the Obama-nable Snowjob. He's a fake. His entire purpose is to squash any real opposition to Hillary. You wonder how such a lightweight could be getting such amazing press coverage, like he was some kind of person with substance? The Driveby Media is puffing this guy up. Why? He's a straw man for Hillary to knock over - nicely, politely. Watch the press call RACIST!! anyone else who objects to Obama. At the proper time he will sashay up and kiss her phenomenally large ass. It has already been scripted, like everything else about Hitler-y Clit-tongue. Scripted. Phony. The Obama-nable Snowjob.

:: doctorfixit 8:23 AM [+] ::
:: Friday, December 15, 2006 ::
Jimmy Carter: Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler, Liar

I can't explain it any better than David Howoritz does, do read his account of how Jimmy Carter can pack more lies in a single sentence than even Paul Krugman does, and taht's a lot of lies in one sentence! Read more >>

Clearly, Jimmy Carter is one of the most evil Americans in history. His criminally incompetent Presidency can now be understood as a symptom of a man consumed by hatred and evil.

:: doctorfixit 1:50 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 ::
Democrat Affirmative Action Pick For Homeland Security Flunks Easy Terrorist Quiz

When every decision is based on race or ethnicity, and not on merit, the results are disastrous for America. Someone should have told Nancy Pelosi that you don't put people on the Intelligence Committee in order for them to get more intelligence.

Silvester Reyes, Texas Mexican, obviously doesn't know the difference between shit and shinola, let alone between a Shiite and a Sunni. Given the fact that he identifies as a Mexican first and foremost, we can now expect the Homeland Security to allow dozens of millions more Mexicans to cross our borders illegally, steal American jobs, and send billions of dollars of unpaid taxes and insurance money south of the border, draining our economy and never returning.

Affirmative action will result in more terrorists penetrating our borders and killing Americans, thanks to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat/Marxist party's obsession with racial and ethnic identity politics.

:: doctorfixit 5:52 AM [+] ::
:: Friday, December 08, 2006 ::
Mark Steyn Nails Associated Press - A Disgraceful Organization

When did the Associated Press become the perfect legitimizer for every leftwing fishwrap in America? By re-printing AP stories, leftwing rags give the impression of impartiality, but the reality is that the AP is an anti-American, pro-marxist propaganda factory. Watch the video here >>

:: doctorfixit 2:51 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, November 30, 2006 ::
A Second Civil War?

From TCS Daily: Is America in danger of civil war? Not immediately, perhaps, but famed science fiction writer Orson Scott Card thinks that we're in enough danger that he's authored a cautionary tale entitled Empire that's set in more-or-less present times. . . Read More >>

The two-party "duopoly" is contributing mightily to the upcoming 2nd Civil War. Other trends contributing toward Civil War II.
  • The political elites have completely insulated themselves from the citizens, by means of McCain/Feingold, computerized gerrymandering, and other incumbent-protection machinery.
  • The majority of citizens are alienated from government at all levels and never participate in the charade of voting.
  • The majority of politically active citizens who do vote increasingly identify with neither party.
  • There are few significant differences between the two parties.
    • Both parties relentlessly increase central authority and power, increase regulation of every aspect of life, aggressively diminish freedom and responsibility.
    • Both political parties engage in foreign policy that is creating deep and widespread hatred of America across the globe.
    • Both political parties exist to protect the interests of the political class and the oligarchy.
  • Unchallenged political propaganda provides cover for the government elites, propaganda generated by a vast and powerful media industry unmatched anywhere else on earth.
  • The United States Supreme Court and lesser courts have become sinecures for elitist judicial tyranny that cuts against the most fundamental life-and-death beliefs of a majority of citizens, and that has unilaterally destroyed the national Constitutional foundation.
  • We are led by weak and intellectually lazy elitist oligarchs from powerful rich families, who make it painfully obvious that they have not the slightest inkling of what life is like for the average citizen.
  • Almost without exception, our political class comes from the elitist, we-know-what's-best-for-you class of pedigreed fools.
  • We are threatened from outside by a megolith of evil ideology - Islam - that worships human slavery and death, and that has vowed to destroy us, and that is being encouraged and assisted by marxists from within our nation.
  • Deep and growing ideological divisions have become impossible to resolve through the political process. This is the most important pre-requisite for Civil War.

If the marxist/Islamics are successful, we will be destroyed. This sets up the requirements for civil war that the author describes: impending doom brought about by one of the factions in the struggle.

The ship of state is now adrift and being buffeted by very powerful and dangerous winds. My only regret is that I am not going to live to see it, or to pick up a gun and help stop the marxist/Islamic alliance.

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:: Thursday, November 09, 2006 ::
Mexican Invaders, bin Laden, Abortionists Are Big Winners in Mid-Term Elections
- Bush-Pelosi Eager to Screw Americans With Amnesty for Illegals - For Lousy 8% of Votes

The Miami Herald reports the historic "Sleeping Giant" Hispanic power in this election was: drum roll please - TA-DA - a lousy 8% of votes. Republicans got only 23% of the 8%, or about 2%. This isn't about to change even after amnesty. Mexican invaders are simply not involved in American civic life,and not because of racism. They simply have no interest in associating with hueros (whiteys) or their civic institutions. These are largely peasants who come from a brutally repressive oligarchy of rich families,like the Bushes.

So, this means Bush is trampling down our borders and promoting a permanent invasion of hundreds of millions of Mexicans for a lousy 2 percent of total votes. He deserves to be impeached for that if nothng else. And the Wall Street Journal wing of the Republican party represented by Tamar Jacoby deserves to be thrown out. Tamar Jacoby predictably, nauseatingly, and insultingly beats her tin drum that the Republican party will be destroyed if the borders are ever secured, or immigration laws ever enforced, but the reality is that Mexicans will never amount to anything significant as far as support for republicans is concerned. Mexicans are naturals for the hate-whitey, government-owes-me victimology that the democrat party exploits so well. Pandering to these criminal invaders is a waste of time - and republicans who swallow Jacoby's propaganda will lose. And if the Mexicans are insulted, good. They need to be insulted to the point that they leave.

Meanwhile, Victor Davis Hanson demolishes arguments for open-borders. Not only is George W.Bush nation-destoying Iraq, he's responsible for ruining Mexico as well, by siphoning offyoung Mexican men who are leaving families and children behind.

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:: Saturday, October 28, 2006 ::
What Does A Galvanized Latino Look Like?

I get a kick out of media illiterates when they write about something or other "galvanizing the Latino vote". They're usually Mexican activists writing propaganda crap for the LA Times. Galvanizing is a process by which iron or steel is coated with zinc, which then protects the metal against rusting. The zinc coating can be applied by dipping the metal in molten zinc (hot dipping), or by dipping it in molten zinc and using electrical voltage to attract a thinner coating to the metal (electo-plating). In any event, if latinos enjoy the process of being dipped in molten zinc, have at it.

Meantime, more rational, more literate voters might be energized,or even electrified, by some disturbing or exciting developments. But galvanized? I don't think so.

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Vote Fraud Reform Measures Have Democrats Worried

New York Times reports that simple, common sense vote fraud reforms like Voter ID have the democrat party worried. The democrat Party tactic of using predominantly black voting precincts as cover for massive ballot box stuffing operations is threatened. The Times reports that blacks are being instructed to claim that they feel "the system is rigged". Of course it it - it's rigged to fraudulently inflate the numbers of Democrat votes, especially where the race card can be used to cover their tracks. Claims that blacks will stay home are being circulated by the TImes and other marxist propaganda outlets to account for the anticipation of sharply reduced numbers where effective vote fraud measures are being implemented.

Election follow-up: Not one story on vote fraud in any mainstream media outlet. I wonder why. The democrats won - so the maintream media figures there must not have been any fraud. The reality is that in Missouri, New Jersey, Montana, and Virginia, democrat vote fraud carried the Senate. And in numerous House races as well.

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:: Thursday, October 26, 2006 ::

Prophet Mo-Bomb-Head Visits BeeBlogger

As advertised earlier, the prophet Mo-Bomb_Head will be visiting occasionally to pinch off a loaf of his redolent wisdom. Here he is again today. Greetings Prophet Mo-Bomb-Head:

"Denmark will erupt in flames as a result of it's debauchery and perfidy. Their cartoons are an abomination before Allah".

(Note: you can always tell when Prophet Mo-Bomb-Head is even more livid than normal. The little kernels of corn in his 'Turd-ban' start GLOWING.)

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:: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 ::

The Manchurian Candidate Who Will Hand Us Over to the Islamic Fascists

Which of the Democrat Party candidates will be the one who becomes the Manchurian Candidate who betrays America in order to establish Sharia Law and extinguish our Constitutional Rights?

It helps to first answer the question - which Democrat Party candidate most resembles Angela Lansbury from the original film of the same name? You decide.

Then again, other visual references spring to mind ...

And when the Democrat Party takes over as a stooge regime for the Muslim Throatcutters, will we see Judge Anthony Kennedy impose a new case based on International law that requires murdered unborn babies to be incinerated as they are now doing in Great Britain?

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:: Saturday, October 21, 2006 ::
The Thing About Iraq

The thing about Iraq is that Bush is not being honest about why we are there,and if he is being honest about why we are there, it's even worse.

We need a forward base in the Middle East that is not Israel. Iraq is centrally located between Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria. It's close to Afghanistan and Pakistan, which Bush never mentioned is part of the axis of evil. You can't ask for a better place from which to strike at the Muslim throat cutters. If that's not why we are there, it should be.

The problem is that instead of killing Iraqis and making them surrender, we are nation-building. Muslims will never support democracy. The word 'Islam' means surrender - the opposite of "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death". For Muslims, the watchphrase is "Make Me a Slave and Let Me Kill Myself." Bush and the neocons wanted a quickie Marshall Plan, but they forgot that we had to kill Germans for four years before they surrendered. Iraq never surrendered. The people are harboring terrorists. Until we kill enough of them to make them surrender, they won't stop supporting terrorists. We have to keep killing Irqqis until they learn to either shoot the terrorists themselves or immediately turn them over. We should've held off on the nation building until Iraq looked like Dresden in 1945. And even at that, forget about democracy for Muslims. Democracy requires a level of western values, civilization and justice that Muslims reject.

The end game for Iraq must be to partition it into Kurd and Shia strongholds, and to allow them to crush the Sunni barbarians.

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:: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 ::
Bush Lied - Illegals Died

Whatever his motivation (and I believe it is to unite Mexico, The US, and Canada), Bush statements about the Senate Amnesty Plan range from uninformed and naive to willfully ignorant to outright lies. The Congressional Immigration Reform Congress has complied a point by point rebuttal to Bush's misinformation that should be memorized. "Open Borders Bush" is lying about
  • Expanding the Border Patrol & Increasing Enforcement
  • The Definition of Amnesty
  • Jobs "Americans Won't Do"
  • Penalties for employers
  • Ending "Catch-And-Release"
  • Background Checks
  • Temporary Workers Ever Leaving the US
  • The vast differences in America's views on immigration

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:: Friday, October 13, 2006 ::

Media Puts a Cute Freckle Face on Political Assassination

In an outrageous attempt to soften the concept of assassinating President Bush, the liberal media makes a mid front page, two color photo splash of a cute, sexy freckle-faced teen with an edgy MySpace theme "Kill Bush".


"It was all a big misunderstanding - if you look at the picture of my tattoo - it says KILL-R BUSH, not KILL BUSH".

Posed by photographers on a bench with legs crossed to outline the curves of her sexy teen butt, the young wannabe assassin wasted no time reaching for the brass ring of socialist stardom - sponsorship by the ACLU in a defense of deviant behavior that takes political opportunism to a new low. In addition, MSNBC, USA Today,CNN News, and other marxist media quickly lined up a series of puff pieces to make a new anti-Bush hero who for once does not share the physical repugnance of Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, or Lynn Stewart. The USA Today photo shoots from above, strategically looking down her cleavage, as she cradles a laptop between her crossed legs. What a little hottie assassin!

Our little hottie assassin is a student at one of Sacramento's notoriously leftwing High Schools, named for the family that controls the marxist anti-Bush newspaper chain. The little tart lives in the Land Park area of Sacramento, an exclusive enclave of liberal hedonism surrounded by the products of socialism - rampant drug use, murder, abortion, and urban decay.

When she's not dreaming of murdering the president, or sharing wild and sweaty nights with those two hunky "secret servicemen", our little hottie is studying to become the next Nobel Prize Winner, inspired by - who else- Presdint Jimmah Carter. . .

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:: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 ::
Libertarianism and Liberalism in the Same Universe?

Government corporate regulations protect individual freedom? Harold Myerson writes an essay (praising communist Markos Moulitsas, so bring your barf bag) pointing out the compatibilities of libertarianism and socialism. How is it that libertarians have been so blind not to notice these compatibilities before Mr. Myerson pointed them out? Perhaps because
  • Government regulations enhance corporate power over individual freedom. It was government tax laws that forced corporations to institute health insurance programs that set off the explosion of health care cost.
  • Government regulations are designed by corporate lobbyists to stifle competition and boost corporate profits.
  • Government regulations force workers to join unions or to contribute dues in order to provide funds for socialist propaganda. There is no freedom of association under socialism.

I think libertarians are intelligent enough to recognize that the single exception to their universal distrust of government - providing for the common defense - is being used by socialists in a subterfuge to justify socialists' alliance with the common enemy, and to justify their strenuous efforts to prevent government from protecting us, using the logic that government tactics being used against the enemy will inevitably be used against citizens. Libertarians who understand the character of socialism would more likely take up with an avowed enemy than they would with a socialist who pretends to be their friend. Socialism is collapsing everywhere. As people become more knowledgeable, they realize that regulations and taxes will not provide the utopia that socialists keep promising but never delivering. Prosperity is directly dependent on freedom and is never created by government. Government can only diminish freedom, it exists for itself, to expand its own power and to provide for an elitist class of parasite regulators and lawmakers. The only legitimate function of government is to protect our freedom from the common enemy: thieves, murderers, and socialists.

Follow-up: Jane Galt is typical of voters who "punished" the Republicans by voting Democrat. In negotiations theory, this is called "negotiating against your own interests". In common language, it's called "Cutting off your nose to spite your face".

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Jimmah Carter, Traitor,

Mah Fellah 'Merrkins

Ah'm de on-y Nobel Prahz winnah Presdint so lissen up, heah? Israel mus' assept dat Mohammed gonn' rule dey asses. Presdint Chavez is a true fren' - he wunn dat 'lecshin fay-uhn squay-uh. Dat lil' commie Kim Jong -Il. He a true fren' too. We signed a pac. Peace in our time is gay-ron-tee'. Merrica's seeressly fuck 'dup . . . mallayz . . but I trahd, at leas' I trahd. Dat hillbilly Clintin din' even trah. Ha' come he gits all dat pussy an' I on-y gits an innervue in Playboy? Den dey cheats me outta da Playmate pussy at de enn' uh da innervue. I gots lust in my heart for Saddam but now dat he in da slammer my butt ben achin' - you see da size a dat dhang when he's busted in his underweah? MMmmm-mmmm. Nothin'like totalitarian dynosaur schlong up da butt.

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:: Sunday, October 08, 2006 ::
Republicans Deserve To Lose Unless They Reform
Republicans are losing my vote unless they decide to take off the gloves and act like men instead of limp-wristed lesbians.

  • The first thing they need to do is round up all the child molesting cocksuckers in Congress and throw them off the top of a very tall building. The Republican ones, you can blindfold because if you can't see you can't feel yourself falling.

  • Next, the Republicans need to give every member, and every prospective member, a questionnaire. Are you a child molesting cocksucker? A lesbian baby butcher? Former KKK? Doper? Gambler? Whore-monger? etc. Make everyone sign a contract. If anything ever comes up that you didn't tell us, we collect everything you own, we bankrupt you, and we publish all of the crap you did tell us.

  • Next, get rid of the page program. It's trouble. Lets face it, there are no more Mr. Smiths going to Washington. These are midget Macchiavellis. They are the most ruthlessly ambitious little monsters in their age group. (Rent the movie "Election" if you don't believe me). They are all Bill Clinton wannabes. Besides, it's time the republican fat fucks in Congress have their little sex slaves taken away.

  • Next, get Delay back, and see if you can resurrect Haldeman, Erlichman, and Mitchell, or get some people like them. Get Bob Dornan. Get some thugs and kick the democrats in the balls. Figuratively, of course. His is the most important thing Republicans must do - stop being pussies, start kicking them in the balls. You gotta get respect.

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:: Saturday, October 07, 2006 ::

New Feature - The Prophet MO-BOMB-HEAD Speaks

Here today we have the Prophet Mo-Bomb-Head who speaks for The Religion of Peace. We will give you updates whenever the Prophet Mo-Bomb-Head visits.

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:: Saturday, September 30, 2006 ::

Former President of The US Boasts of Trying to Kill bin Laden

OK, just in case there's any question which President it is that is bragging on Fox News about wanting to kill the top guy. The question is whether the "Muslim street" is going to just sit there and let this guy brag on worldwide TV about how many times he tried to kill their top guy? (I thought political assassination was illegal in the US. Ooops, I forgot, it's the Clintons. Never mind.)

Funny thing is, how this former President can brag about authorizing the assassination of the top Islamic Fascist, and not one peep is heard from the "Arab Street". Hmmmm. Is this because they know he didn't really mean it? Do they still think of Bill and Hillary as total non-threats, as they did when he was President?

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John McCain For President

. . . of the "After-We-Slit-Your-Throat-and-Drag-your-Body-Through-the-Street-To Celebrate-Our-New-Super-Constitutional-Muslim-Rights" Party

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Sacramento Bee Promotes Democrat Party Vote Fraud

By opposing common-sense voter ID measures.

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:: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 ::
Learn The Truth About Islam

Islam requires its adherents to do whatever it takes - lie, cheat, steal, kill, murder - in order to convert all of the world to the worship of death and evil. There is no peace to be had with Muslims. It is conversion or death. They have been at war with the rest of the world for 1400 years. If western civilization is to survive, it must learn of the evil that Islam represents. Learn more about Islam here >>

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:: Sunday, September 24, 2006 ::
NYT: Spy Agencies Say War in Iraq Worsens Terrorism

Of course. The CIA has been constantly undermining Bush and the War on Terror. Bush;s stupidest error was keeping Clintonista George Tenet on at CIA. Read the NYT Article...>> Read the Tennessee Feminazi's Encouraging Words for the Muslim ThroatCutters Here >>

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:: Saturday, September 23, 2006 ::
The Sublime Stupidity of John McCain

John McCain is looking for opportunities to oppose George W. Bush in order to enhance his presidential prospects among demo-commie-crats and fence-sitters. He has chosen to champion the rights of Muslim throat cutters and bombers for this purpose. But what Melon-head McCain fails to understand is that, despite Anthony Kennedy's pitifully stupid decision in Hamdan, terrorists are not soldiers, and they deserve no Geneva Convention rights. Muslims have no obligation to treat infidels with any dignity, because Muslims hold infidels in the same contempt as they do as they do insects or pigs, and in fact Muslims are obligated by their Satan to use the most inhuman practices imaginable to subdue the infidel. In fact, Muslims have as much contempt for us as John McCain has. No American soldier will be treated any differently by Muslim barbarians as a result of McCain's treachery, a fact already made clear by al Qaeda video of dragging American soldier's bodies. McCain is emboldening Muslims to step up their attacks, because he is giving them the guaranteed protection of the US Supreme Court.

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:: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 ::
Federal Government is the Largest Employer of Illegal Aliens

Federal buraucracies are the nation's largest employer of illegal aliens. Thousands of illegals work on federal construction projects, as service workers, and as manual laborers, painters, maintenance workers, and janitors.

Because the federal government is non-union, workers escape the background checks and identification procedures that unions routinely use to verify citizenship. Federal contractors are not required to provide proof of citizenship for any employees they hire.

In the interest of pandering to the Mexican vote, Bush has instructed federal bureaucracies not to check the immigration status of federal workers. As a result, because of the sheer size of the federal workforce and the numbers of contract employees, more illegals work for the federal government than any other single employer. Recently, a large number were aprehended at a military base in Colorado. Periodically thee raids are conducted to convince Americans that something is being done. Read More>>

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:: Thursday, September 14, 2006 ::
Muslims Cause Christian Rage

Christian chefs across the globe reacted with rage to recent expressions of distaste by Muslims, who were annoyed by the lack of proper seasonings in restaurant food available in Western countries. "I don't know why they can't add a little garlic," complained Allahu Akbar Ram Yahedoff.

Reaction was swift and severe across all seven Continents, and even in Greenland, a large island, where Christian cooks threatened to retaliate with burnings at the stake. Hundreds of thousands of sympathizers burned mosques and effigies of Mohammed, while Christian surgeons re-attached amputated hands on Muslim thieves to drive the message home.

"Bring back the Inquisition", screamed Joe McGuire, head chef at La Cochon, whose cries were drowned by the voices of thousands of fellow Christian restaurateurs gathered to riot outside a local mosque. "These filthy goat fuckers need to have their tongues cut out, then they can complain about the food around here." The Council for Proper Respect of Muslim-Hating Cooks warned that their members cannot be blamed if things get out of hand as a result of Muslim annoyance. "This is provocation of the worst sort. We cannot continue to tolerate these filthy beggars blaspheming against our cuisine. We will confiscate their goats." Mediators warned that without their sexual partners, Muslims might become even more annoyed, escalating the cycle of violence.

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:: Monday, September 11, 2006 ::
Fighting Fire With Fire

Not only has the government not saved us from attack, it has made such attacks easier than ever, by granting new rights to terrorists and by suppressing any effective means of surveillance. Only pure luck has been responsible for this temporary respite. I have no doubt that the ridiculous and meaningless harassment measures put in place can be circumvented with no effort -they are clearly designed for propaganda purposes. I have no doubt that right now nuclear bombs are already installed and waiting until we become a little more complacent. I have no doubt that neither the CIA nor the FBI nor Homeland Insecurity, NSA, or military intelligence is acomplishing one blessed thing except throwing rocks at each other over the wall that Jamie Gorelick built. They can't even get bin Laden. One man against a dozen security bureaucracies. What a joke.

Flight 93 taught us we can never depend on government - only teamwork among citizens will work. The only successful resistence on 9-11 came from citizens who ignored the government and the airlines and who took matters into their own hands. We will not be safe until we have removed each and every Muslim from our midst. We must take action ourselves, the government is on the side of the Muslim cutthroats because they need the oil. The next attack will confirm that our government is as big an enemy as anything al Qaeda can come up with. But before we can eradicate this ideology, we must first deal with the enemy within. Citizens must wake up and join together as did the men on flight 93. Citizen militias, anti-Islamofascist cells if you will, are the answer to both the problem of marxism and the problem of Islamic fascism.

Pity those who live in major urban areas like New York City and Los Angeles. The Muslims are now awaiting the signal to incinerate a dozen of our largest ciites. Our government is busy harassing grandmas - but will it shut down the mosque/hate factories? That would offend our Muslim masters in Saudi Arabia, from whence Wahabbism and all of the Muslim jihad is financed.

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:: Saturday, September 09, 2006 ::
Will Islam Destroy Western Civilization? Odds Are - Yes

The Democrat Party, and especially the Clintons, continue to give aid and comfort to Islamic fascists whose goal is the destruction of Western Civilization. No amount of editing by ABC can disguise that fact.

Read this excellent expose of the goals of Islam, a barbarous cult non-religion, whose founder, Mohammed, was a child molesting psychopath. Learn why Islam must be confronted and eradicated if we are to survive. More>>

With Clinton /Carter judges eagerly granting newfound rights to Muslim cutthroats, and with legions of Clinton feminazi teachers ceaselessly brainwashing children for decades that european males are fit for slaughter, the path is being paved for goat-humping ragheads to slither into Washington DC and pull off a coup without a struggle. That would be unsatisfactory, though, for it would deny the imperative of jihad to cause as much mayhem and bloodshed as possible. Ironically, then, the demo-commie-crat appeasement policy is frustrating the Islamic cutthroats, who want excuses for the most violent clash of civilizations possible. Clinton-style appeasement simply does not fulfill their penis-challenged need for cutting and slicing heads, labia, hands. Do we see the conneciton between the need to cut and a primordial need to act out the castration phobia? And the symbiosis between the demo-commie-crat feminazi castration obsession and Islam's emasculation of its males?

IMAO EXCLUSIVE! Go here for actual documented Clinton White House transcripts of a meeting between Clinton, Berger, and Albright >>

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:: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 ::
Special Katrina First Anniversary Edition

To New Orleans: Drop Dead, you murdering, corrupt, degenerate racist shithole. Stop leaching off the good people of the USA and flush yourself into the Gulf. Slide beneath the sludge at the bottom of the sea, and let never again a word be heard of you.

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:: Saturday, August 19, 2006 ::
Eleanor Clift Poses Osama as Threat to Gain Political Advantage

Liberal Newsweek Columnist Eleanor Clift uses the specter of Osama Bin Laden to frighten voters into questioning the Bush administration's effectiveness in the war on terror. It was not that long ago that Bill Clinton passed on every opportunity to kill Bin Laden, for reasons that remain unexplained to this day. Perhaps the Clintonistas value Bin Laden's ability to galvanize democrat voters into supporting their assault on America's ability to defend itself against Islamic fascism. Or perhaps the democrats' virulent anti-Semitism allies them with bin Laden's ultimate goal. In any case, liberal hack journalists like Clift are a real threat to American's freedom and security. They preach appeasement and surrender to Islam, and certain, slow and torturous death at the hands of Islamic cutthroats. Read and learn of our enemies >>

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:: Sunday, July 23, 2006 ::
Altered Reality But Still The Same Old Story

Columnist Jonathan Alter can always be counted on to spout marxist dogma, which relies on the four pillars of destruction: of family, private property, personal freedom and responsibility, and religion. The new avenue for rationalizing the cheapening and destruction of human life: embryonic stem cell "research", which advances all four pillars of destruction. It weakens families by turning human life in to a commodity. It weakens private property by making the government the owner of live human bodies. It weakens personal freedom and responsibility by taking life-and-death decisions away from the creators of life. And it's a slap in the face to every legitimate religion. Under the guise of science, with propaganda blaring from every mainstream media outlet, a relentless campaign is on for federal funding in order to legitimize and legalize yet another method of selective murder. Read Alter's altered reality, where death equals life . . . More >>

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:: Saturday, July 01, 2006 ::
WAPO Celebrates Supreme Court's Al Qaeda Victory

The Supreme Court in Hamdan has dealt a serious, if temporary, blow to fundamental American values (for example, the right to survive). By elevating Islamic vermin to the status of Geneva Convention signatories, the Court forces us to consider dispensing with both the Geneva Convention and with the Supreme Court itself. After all, do we really need a bunch of black robed tyrants inventing legalities that require us to commit suicide, when their allies al Qaeda are perfectly willing to exterminate us without their help? America's participation in the Geneva Convention was designed to protect American soldiers against the Islamic barbarism that the Supreme Court is promoting. If the Court twists our commitment to humane treatment around to cut our own throats, then to hell with the Geneva Convention. Although the Washington Post is celebrating the Court's endorsement of Islamic butchery, there are hopeful signs that the President will simply ignore this unconstitutional intrusion into his responsibility to protect us from Islamic butchers and ignoramuses like Anthony Kennedy.REad More >>

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:: Friday, June 23, 2006 ::
Why Liberalism is the World's Most Mean-Spirited, Racist Political Philosophy - Part III

Liberals are racist. That's why they support affirmative action, which is racist against european-americans and against so-called "minorities" at the same time. Here's a study that inadvertently discovered liberal racism against Katrina victims.

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:: Friday, June 16, 2006 ::
To Ann Coulter

You Are So Beautiful - Here's a poem Just For You:

Every Time A Liberal Has a Piano Dropped On Their Head, A Little Angel Rings A Bell

Because Every Time A Liberal Gets Squashed, Another Guest Shows Up In Hell

Like roaches running from the light, or maggots squirming in manure,

Because You Drive the Liberals Nuts, Your Place In Heaven Is Secure

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Why the Federal Government Wants Illegal Aliens To Steal Your Social Security Account

Do you need more proof that the federal government has no intention of enforcing existing immigration laws, let alone the proposed new legislation?

Multiple illegal aliens can steal your Social Security number and jeopardize your ability to collect Social Security, but the federal government will do nothing to discover it, to stop it, or to correct it, even if you find out and notify them.

The Social Security system has a vested interest in enabling fraud by illegal aliens. Under the Clinton/Bush one-world strategy, the number of fraudulent mexicans has reached a critical mass, where it will soon be impossible to deny them Social Security benefits - at the expense of your children and grandchildren. This is by design, not by accident. Bush has entered secret negotiations with Vicente Fox to put Mexico on our Social Security system, even as the system is collapsing.

Click here to read the Fox News expose >>

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:: Sunday, June 11, 2006 ::
The Latest 'Blame America First' Campaign - Blame America for Mexico's Problems

Boo Hoo News Flash: the US - from which Mexico extracts nearly its entire GNP - is suddenly to blame for every misfortune suffered by our 'friends' to the south - at least, according to the whiners at MSNBC in their excerpt of a book by Joseph Contreras. Contreras ruefully agrees with me on the inevitable outcomes from open borders: either the US will become a feudal, corrupt, third world shithole, or we will annex Mexico (and Central America to boot), depose their oligarchies, and impose American socialism. Of course, Contreras, being an anti-european racist, sees the second option as a bad thing. Read More MSNBC review of Contreras>>

How many less-than-minimum-wage earners do you know who can afford to send half their paycheck to Mexico? Judd Magilnick tells us how this is possible:

" . . . to understand the impact of illegal immigration, there's really only one number necessary to remember: 15.

Fifteen billion dollars is what it annually costs the State of California to provide direct services to illegals: education, healthcare, prisons (not including intangibles such as law enforcement, sanitation, roads, etc.). Fifteen billion dollars also happens to be the amount that is sent home annually in remittances from the state. Essentially, the illegal alien civilization of California is a giant wealth transfer machine, moving money from citizen taxpayers to the economy of Mexico. "

Read More of This Excellent Article >>

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:: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 ::
Why Liberalism Is The World's Most Mean-Spirited, Racist Political Philosophy - Part II

Radical feminism is the most mean-spirited branch of liberalism. Feminism denies the basic truth of humanity - that men and women each embody different characteristics that join in a union that produces human life, and that form the basis of families, culture, society, and civilization. Feminism negates one half of humanity - men - in an act of genocidal and suicidal mean-ness that transcends the cruelty of any competing hateful ideology. Feminism denies the possiblity that women can be mean spirited, hateful, or violent, and by doing so, puts liberalism on a pedestal of vengeful hatefulness that radiates like an evil beacon of negative energy over all of humanity. Read More >>

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