Saint Mary's '63 2002 Reunion Album
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Kathy Mazoway  - Mary Adsit Pete Young & Mrs. Young
M. Adsit, M.A. Normanly, Sister Emmet Frances, L. Kelly, L. Daggett
P. Stevens, M. Adsit, M.A. Normanly
Trigs family plus Ned HArris F. Gaske L. Cummings Cummings, hogan, Stevens, MAzoway, Lavallee Class of 63
kelly, Gaske, L. Kelly, Cumings

Warner Hogan Cahill Hanbury Mazoway Lavallee

Cahill Hanbury Hogan Lavallee Cummings Triggs Young Harris
Sister Emmett Frances C. Ottman, M. Adsit Cahill hogan Sr. Emmett Frances Ned Harris K. Mazoway
Hogan hanbury Lavallee Triggs Cummings Kelly Hogan CAhill Normanly Mazoway Daggett Lavallee Karen Peach Don & P. (Stevens )Jenks