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Subject:  Warners Thruway restaurant9/26/2017
Sally Huntington, Cindy and Karen Wells, Mike Mott, and I all worked at the restaurant during summers . This all led to late night rides in a corvair to Syracuse and some food fights with mashed potatoes!
- Arlene King[Trexler]
Subject:  Books at the Corner Pharmacy10/1/2007
At one time, towards a back corner of the Corner Pharmacy, my own pharmacy: a round rack of paperbacks: Collier Books classics. I pored over, thumbed through those books so many, many times, read all the back covers, pulling in as much mind-food as I could absorb. I rarely had the money to buy what I wanted---though, actually, I wanted them all. But what I was able to claim for my own is still very, very much with me, still bringing me its good stuff.

Kathy, my thanks to your family for that gift to our community. That gift meant so very very much to this young person coming from that community. I am ever grateful.

- Martha Hanitchak
Subject:  Memories of Karen Guy9/21/2007
Please Click Here for our remembrances of Karen.
- Martha Hanitchak and friends
Subject:  Bob Hawthorne9/4/2007
A few words in memory of my dear friend Bob Hawthorne.
- Dick L
Subject:  Memories of Jody and Linda8/16/2007
I remember the first time I met Jody Dickerman. I think we were in fifth grade or around that age. Her Aunt Nan Lower and my mom were good friends and Jodyís dad and my dad had been classmates at Hamilton College. Jody and her family had moved to Baldwinsville after spending a couple of years in the Phillipines (I think). Nan brought Jody over to my house and we got acquainted while we played with a litter of kittens. With her personality it didnít take long for Jody to make friends and acclimate to her new surroundings. Jody was a great friend, not an exclusive best friend but a friend who always made the time to visit or include me in an outing or pajama party. We stayed in touch during college and always got together during our breaks. After college, there was the annual Christmas card and the occasional letters, phone calls, etc. We had a nice visit at the 20th reunion. We kept in touch while she courageously battled cancer. She was a great gal. I donít recall when I met Linda Ray. It seems like she was always in my life, at least from second grade to wild and crazy times working at the Warners Rest Area on the Thruway. We lived within walking and biking distance from each other so we spent a lot of time playing, going to Mercer Park or the Elden playground. If we sat together in school we were always in trouble for talking and/or giggling. Linda turned eighteen before I did and since we were about the same height, had the same hair and eye color she let me use her proof to get into The Dutchmanís. What better friend could a seventeen year old have? Her death was the first of my friends and so hard to fathom.
- marcia latham drayo
Subject:  Gerry8/10/2007
Dick you made me cry !! I dated Gerry the summer between 10th and 11th grade and we remained good friends through high school. I could always tell him what was bothering me, and as you so eloquently said, Gerry would listen, and have this calm way about him. He was always so cool, with those dark black glasses. I saw him once or twice after high school. Lori D actually told me when he died. Funny that you should write this, I was looking at my Lyre and reading everything that people wrote, and Gerry said even then "don`t sweat the small stuff and stay cool."
- Karen Peach Carter
Subject:  Gerry Komrowski8/10/2007
A few words in memory of my dear friend Gerry Komrowski.
- Dick L
Subject:  The Princemen8/9/2007
The Princemen played at our senior prom. I have contacted Doreen Failoni and she is coming to the reunion. She still lives in Solvay, but I haven`t seen her in years.
- Linda Scott Daley
Subject:  B`ville Diner8/9/2007
Yes, I do remember the "IN" (see comments under the 60`s) Who remembers John Faloni`s band the "Princemen" ? Doreen was in our class until 10th grade, her Dad owned a garage. They moved to Syracuse. I worked at the B`ville Diner from 6AM to 2PM W-Sun, for 2 summers. All the guys from Morris Machine works came over for their coffee breaks. All the construction guys came in the early AM for Mr. Younis`s homemade pasteries.. We were crazy busy during State Fair week and on Saturday and Sunday AM !! I made a lot of tips, which I saved, and ended up being the down payment for our first house in East Syracuse when I got married.
- Karen Peach Carter
Subject:  working at thruway restaurant8/8/2007
I, as well, had the wonderful experience at the thruway restaurant after graduation. If you recall, I was the one who left a bandaid in the tunafish and some poor guy got it in his sandwich! So much for a career in the food service.
- Linda Scott Daley
Subject:  Working at the Thruway rst stop in Warners7/27/2007
Hey Sally, Karen and I worked there too. In fact I worked there 4 summers. Sure made going back to school a good thing. Who remembers "The Inn?"
- Cindy Wells
Subject:  "The In"7/24/2007
I will never forget when Steve Jakway came in to a class meeting and talked to us about an idea for a dance club that would be completely run by the kids, and that the Presbyterian Church was willing to give us a chance to make it happen. And then Steve & the other kids went to work. Going to the basketball game & watching Cahill & Pete & Jamie running circles around the taller teams, and our two big Bobs Widger & Wilkinson sinking the shots, all the thunder and the cheering in that gym, and our beautiful cheerleaders, and after it all we had our own dance club. Music and dancing and burgers. Dick Dudley`s band. Those nights were the most fun I have ever had. It was a beautiful gift we gave each other.
- Dick L.
Subject:  My First Summer Job Thanks to Herb Masser7/3/2007
I am forever indebted to Herb Masser and the Fadden family for my first summer job washing dishes at the Fireside Inn, summer of `67. Larry Tipper and Danny Fadden were working the grill and short orders behind the chef , who weighed in at about 350 lb. Some nights he would cook about 1000 meals. He drank Scotch whiskey continuously and periodically sliced off some prime rib for himself. I tried to stay out of throwing distance. He would bellow at the waitresses "PICK UP you $@#*)$" . The waitresses had leg muscles like iron bands. They ran in to the kitchen with huge trays of dishes. I could barely keep up, going as fast as I could. Minimum wage, but I got to eat. Later that summer Dick Snavlin joined the crew and he went on to be the head chef.
- Dick L.
Subject:  Working at the Thruway rest stop in Warners6/23/2007
Help me out here. I know that Mike Mott, Linda Ray, Marcia Latham and I worked there, but can`t remember who else. We had some pretty wild times there. Truckers would offer us (I assume just the girls) stockings. I didn`t realize why until quite a bit later. Good preparation for the craziness at college.
- Sally Huntington