Remembering our times together . . .
Subject:  Snow5/1/2002
I loved the huge piles of snow that the snowplow piled up in the parking lot/playground. We would play `King of the Mountain` and throw each other off the cliff and go crashing down it seemed like several stories but none of us got hurt. And in the spring we`d play marbles when the snow was still melting in little rivers which would roll the marble along and turn the game into a cross-country exercise.
- Richard Lavallee
Subject:  My very first memory of St. Mary`s5/3/2002
My mom dropped me off at the door of the 1st grade classroom. I timidly stepped in and took the very first desk by the door in the back corner of the classroom. I saw other kids had stuff on their desks that they had obviously taken out of their desks... but I couldn`t figure out how to open it!! I slipped into the next seat and started trying to figure out how to open that one when I looked over to my left .... and Mary Elizabeth Adsit was smiling at me and opening and closing her desk!!!!! Thanks Mary .. you taught me my first lesson at SMS and I never forgot how nice a gesture that was.
- Kathy Mazoway
Subject:  Reunions5/6/2002
Someone sent this to me several years ago. It captures my sentiments about the upcoming reunion. I hope to see you there. “I had simply underestimated the human bond, the credential that would stand always by our names. I decided it must go something like this: We were born at the same time, in the same place, and we grew up in the same classes and schoolyards and soda fountains. We heard the whistles of the same mills, watched the smoke from the same locomotives, and smelled the fragrance of the same apple blossoms. Our popular songs, radio broadcasts, newspaper stories, and giddy fads touched our contemporaries in a thousand other towns, but never just the way they touched us, because we were different, not just singly, but different together. Now, still tramping through the vast complexities of human life and death, we stay forever imprinted and linked by who we were, and in gathering together we have reconfirmed our identities. These well-lined faces are glad to see me. I am glad to see them. We must have loved each other better than we knew.”
- Larry Cummings
Subject:  Dividing ice cream sandwiches.5/8/2002
I remember the Rocky and Bullwinkle Club with Patty Stevens, Kathy Mazoway, Maryann Normaly and me. We would divide up the ice cream into small pieces.
- Janet Lindenmayer
Subject:  Ice Skating and Playing Chase5/8/2002
I think it was 7th or 8th grade we were allowed to go skating at the rink across from the school on Meadow Street. I remember the girls having to put snowpants on under our uniforms, we wanted to tuck our skirts in the pants, and of course the nuns wanted the skirts out..I don`t remember who won that debate..probably the nuns. Where did we come up with the great game of chase. I remember either the boys chased the girls or vica versa. The back wall of school was the "prison" where you had to stay if you were caught. Kathy Mazoway,Janet L., Laureen K, Patty S. Peggy S and myself where pretty fast and were always the last ones caught
- Karen Peach Carter
Subject:  Double Bannister Rail5/8/2002
The stairway to the cafeteria had a double bannister rail, you could sit on the lower rail and put the upper rail in your armpit. The rails were so smooth you could really get up some speed if you got a running start. You could almost make it out the door if you took a hop at the bottom landing. I loved sliding down that rail, and I have never seen another one like it since. Of course the extra thrill of doing it was knowing that if the nuns caught you, were in for it.
- Richard Lavallee
Subject:  Memories5/8/2002
My fondest memories are of a simpler time: - Cherry Phosphates at the Cozy Corner - Ice Cream Floats and comics at the Corner Pharmacy - 25 cent movies at the Palace Theater 50 cents if it was a Walt Disney movie - Running by Ray’s Bar and Grill and opening the door and yelling “Set um up Ray” - Walking to school - Playing poker in the Janitor’s closet. What was the Janitors Name? - Status when you were one of the Safety patrol leaders with either a Blue or Red badge - The first day of class each year being called to the front of the class and being told that my reputation had preceded me and I would have the honor of sitting right in front of Sister’s desk.
- Bob Triggs
Subject:  When Irish Eyes are Smiling5/8/2002
7th grade. Sr. Mary Stephen. She made us sing every Irish folk song .... But every year on St. Patricks Day when we`re drinking green beer... I know the words to every single song!!!
- Kathy Mazoway
Subject:  Those good ole days...5/9/2002
Walking to and from St. Mary`s was always an adventure for me. Sometimes I walked with Mary Adsit or Patty Stevens, or part way with MaryAnne Normanly. Every day, spring or winter, we walked across the bridge and looked over to watch the carp flopping around in the shallow water. We`d pass Joe`s Barber Shop and always holler "Hi Joe!" and he would always wave back. Sometimes, he gave up lollipops. The candy store near Joe`s used to sell Jaw breakers for a penny, but they made your mouth red...and HOT! We`d sometimes stop at the Corner Pharmacy for a cherry phosphate and of course, say hello to Mr. Mazoway. I would often browse thru Titcombs. It was the only place I could afford Christmas and birthday gifts for my family; gifts I would purchase with the money I made from babysitting Dr. Arvantides kids. The Kelly skating rink brought friends from near and far (even Fr. Kelly and Fr. Rooke came to skate). We often skated late into the nite and my Mom would bring down a large carafe of hot cocoa and a plate of "congo bars". That was where I was first kissed by a boy............................................. Richard Lavalle!
- Laurie Kelly
Subject:  Ice skating5/9/2002
I remember skating at the Kelly’s many times and my ankles still go out at a 45-degree angle. I couldn’t skate then or now. It is sometimes refreshing that some things don’t change.
- Bob Triggs
Subject:  The chase game5/9/2002
I LOVED that chase game.... and I remember the day that I went zipping down the line `freeing` everybody that was against the wall ... and Bill Hanbury turned around and ran full blast... RIGHT INTO THE WALL ...and broke his glasses.... sorry Bill... but I`m laughing out loud just remembering!!!
- Kathy Mazoway
Subject:  Kelly`s skating rink5/10/2002
loved to skate and like Bob said, some habits don`t change..I still skate at least 2 or 3 times a week during the winter..especially here in NH. Even have played hockey a few times..Speaking of first kisses, it was at a skating party at the Kelly`s, we came in the basement for refreshments, and played spin the bottle. Larry Cummings was my first real kiss on the mouth, although David Clement kissed me on the cheek ..does that really count ?? My 4 yr. old grandson and I still play chase....I sure had a lot of skinned knees from running in leather shoes on the black top...........
- Karen Peach Carter
Subject:  Mrs. Peach 5/9/2002
We sat behind the Peach family in church. Karen had a birthday party, so what to get a 13 year old girl for her birthday? Fine jewelry, of course, so off I go to the Corner pharmacy, and under the watchful eye of Mr. Mazoway I select a stunning bracelet with large nuggets of phosphorescent turquoise plastic and a convenient elastic band. The result was a Charlie Brown moment of failure and doom , complete with the little black cloud. O woe was me, my gift did not sweep her off her feet. But the next Sunday in church, as we sat down behind the Peach family, I looked over the back of the pew, and Mrs. Peach had on her wrist a bracelet of glowing green, and I felt a little smile inside.
- RL
Subject:  I Remember5/26/2002
...walking to and from school with Laurie Kelly and Mary Adsit. Those of us who lived on the "brown track" literally walked from one end of town to the other to school. That`s why we made all of those stops on the way, especially in the winter. There were stops at the candy store for fireballs, the corner pharmacy, and Titcombs. I would stop by to see my mom who worked at Dr. Weidemeyers office. Then somehow, we would make it from downtown to back home without freezing! I remember the time the boys locked Father Kelly in the vestebule of the church. Did he ever get even? I remember cheerleading at the eight grade basketball games. Does anyone remember... Ring-a-locka Ring-a-locka Ring Ring Ring Ching-a-locka Ching-a Locka Ching Ching Ching Ring-a-locka Ching-a-locka who are we? St. Mary`s Grammar School Yes-sir-ee! Anyone Care To Join In? :) I remember fun times on the playground. There was jump rope, freeze tag, and watching the boys play marbles in the Spring, and in the winter King on the Mountain. I also remember ice skating at Laurie Kelly`s. When I saw our class picture it brought me back to all of these good times and I look forward to seeing all of you in August, 42 years later.
- Patty Stevens Jenks
Subject:  To Kathy Mazoway5/26/2002
I remember waiting for your piano practicing to get over, so we could go out and play kickball with your brothers, and sometimes your next-door neighbor. I also remember visiting with you and Rhonda Orm during the horse show at the state fair.
- Patty Stevens Jenks
Subject:  thanks patty stevens6/1/2002
It was a fun time to read all your remembrances (along with all the rest). You most hit the nail on the head and I`m so glad you mentioned us cheerleaders!!!!! I will always remember our 6th grade program and Sister Adele. Also Peachie and Kelly for all the times and memories at both your houses. I still visit with Ma and Pa Peach whenever I visit. My name would really be mud if i did`t. I think most of you know that i lived in foster home with the Koegel Sr. family. In 1996 and with God`s blessings, i found my real mother and siblings. I`ll save that story. take care all.
- lori daggett
Subject:  Memories6/2/2002
I remember those huge snow piles too--and building great big snow forts--and jumping rope, the chase game and playing "Red Rover"--I guess recess must have been my favorite part of school. I also remember that in one or two grade levels we had "Club" where we elected officers, paid dues and followed parliamentary procedure. We also had an entertainment portion where we could sing, or dance or put on a skit or whatever. I have a vivid memory of Francis Castleman performing "Tan Shoes with Pink Shoelaces"--he was a "scream"!
- Terry Karakas Brush
Subject:  Tan shoes and pink shoe laces6/2/2002
Right on Terry K What a memory that brought for me. I can still picture in my mind Frances singing that! I`m looking forward to when we are all together so we can help each other piece together our childhood memories. I remember bringing one of my first attempts at making brownies to school and giving one to Larry cummings. He didn`t come to school the next day and I figured it might have been because he was sick from the brownie.
- PJ(Stevens)
Subject:  SMS Cafeteria7/17/2002
Wasn`t I surprised when I met my future mother-in-law........She was THE Mrs. Carter, chief cook, head of SMS cafteria, always let me have extra spaghetti....Mrs. Carter. She remembered me..oh great..... She knew my family because it turns out my Uncle , who worked for Barnes` Dairy, delivered milk to SMS...and my mother volunteered in the cafeteria..well, it all turned out well in the end
- Karen Peach Carter
Subject:  cafeteria 7/23/2002
i always enjoyed working in the kitchen with Mrs.Carter. little did i know i would be teaching about food prep and sanitation in client`s homes as a main career. your memory, karen brought back my memory of alot of sandwiches i didn`t like and all those "hard-boiled eggs". KP do you remember finding all kinds of cards to send to me like happy birthday, EGGHEAD !!!!!!!! thanks alot! well, i guess i can say i still like eggs and can make a great batch of "devilled " eggs!!! thanks for those memories anyways. see ya all soon.
- lori daggett
Subject:  Memories8/16/2002
I remember basketball games..."Touch and Pass" in the school yard...the day I ran into Cahrlie Raver adn put my front teeth in his forehead...King of the Mountain in winter..."spin the bottle at Laurie kelly`s parties...a crush on Maureen Walsh...Sister Mary Stephen appointing Peter Young adn I to collect homeworks to check everyone`s penmanship...Sister Mary Louis makign me cut up my rubber band snapper in front of the class after she saw me snapping the trees as I took the milk to the Convent...a crush on Sister Emmet Francis...Sister Adele`s musical review...and all of you!!
- Ned Harris
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