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Subject:  The 90`s7/30/2002
After the Berlin Wll came down and we won the Cold War, California closed most of the large bases. In 1991 I quit the Corps of Engineers. I took two weeks off in between quitting and my new job, and my Mom passed away. Larry Cummings came to visit at Mom`s wake. In 1996 I joined San Francisco International Airport as a project manager on one of the largest construction programs in the country. As an engineer you`re always looking for the "big deal" project. This was the "big deal". When it was over I went to the Golden Gate Bridge on another "big deal" , but after being away from my family for five years I quit & came home. While I was in San Francisco Larry Cummings came out a couple of times, and each time we would talk about how we could get a St. Mary`s reunion together. So here we are.
- Richard Lavallee
Subject:  The 90`s- A Decade Of Change8/1/2002
The 90`s was truly a decade of change and challanges for our whole family. Our oldest daughter Julie was married in 1992. Our second oldest JoEllen was seriously ill in 1993 and was in the hospital for 194days over a one and a half year period. She literally did her last two tears of high school on her own . She graduated and went off to college. During this time it was also necessary for us to place our son in a community residence at age 15. How did we survive all this? GOD! That sums it up! He brought us through and we`re all intact! Our son Jim is close by and we`re able to keep hm in our lives. Many of my husbands songs have been written in the trenches of "life" so to speak. The years that have followed 2000-2002 find us talking about our grandchildren and the music continues!
- Patty Stevens Jenks
Subject:  8/7/2002
Subject:  I like the 90s8/10/2002
I think the 90s were my best decade (although my best time of life was my college years). My kids were in jr -> sr high school and I enjoyed all their sports and friends. Our house is small.. but the property is big so we had room for volleyball and soccer and a pool and trampeline.. so we were the hangout place. On weekends or summers, I never knew how many would be there or who would be sleeping where when I got up in the morning. [Eric`s favorite place to sleep was always under the dining room table!!] We were the `cool` parents who allowed co-ed sleepovers... and the kids never gave us any reason not to trust them. I truly enjoyed watching this bunch of kids grow up. I loved my job and the major traumas there didn`t come until the end of the 90s so I`ll just repress them. Life in the 90s was good to me.
- Kathy Voltz
Subject:  I liked the 90`s8/12/2002
Like Kathy, I enjoyed the 90`s, although they sure where busy and the decade was here and gone before we knew it. As the 90`s began we moved back to California from Virginia. Our oldest daughter graduated from college, our middle daughter graduated from High School and our youngest started grammar school. Our middle daughter went to college but decied it was not for her and started working, where she met her future husband .SO, as the mid 90`s started, daughter number 2 got married. My husband Tim retired from the Aerospace rat race and with the Northridge earthquake, we decided to move back to the east coast. Our youngest was starting JR. High by then, and it seemed like a good time to move. We settled on NH, we loved the Dartmouth area, the change of seasons and they offered both Tim a job at the golf course the college owns and me a position at the Medical Center. An added bonus, we are only about a 4 1/2 hr. drive from our families. I enjoyed my 30th High School reunion in 1997 . Our oldest daughter was married at the end of the 90`s in Richmond, VA . Also, our 1st grandchild was born as the 90 came to a close(our only grandchild as it is). I get to spoil him and send him back home to his mother for "revenge". His mon, our middle daughter and her husband also live in New Hampshire, her husband is a fireman and a nurse (he is 6`3" and weighs about 260 lbs, the patients in the ER give him no trouble). Our oldest daughter and her husband live in Alexandria, VA (Bill H. we have to talk !). They just bought a bungalow that is about 80 yrs. old, so Tim has made a few trips to do some "repair" work for them. Also, my confirmed batchelor youngest brother, Joe, was married at age 39.....
- Karen Peach Carter
Subject:  return to normalcy8/16/2002
As the 80`s ended I was waiting for a liver to become available. Interesting that you have to wait for someone to die so you can live, but that`s the way it is. I was fortunate enough to receive my new (only 29 years old)( I did receive a letter from the donor family) liver on May 17-18, 1990. The operation started on the 17th and ended 15 hours later on the 18th. If I had been anywhere else but Presby in Pittsburgh I wouldn`t be typing this now. Dr. Starzl (the doctor who started liver transplants) was profiled in the New York Times Magazine in an article about the drug that only worked in Pittsburgh. That was also the drug that worked for me, because cyclosporine didn`t. It was known at the time as FK-506 and it was experimental and had only been used for about six months before I got it. Things were touch and go for awhile, but after 6 weeks in ICU they let me out. After that it was hang out for the next four years waiting for a job. Actually, I got my CPA and Master`s degree in accounting while I was hanging out and our first grandchild was born, so it wasn`t total inertia. I also got on national television (Paula Zahn) discussing the organ allocation system and how bad it was. The system was eventually changed for the better. We now have three more grandchildren, 7, 5 and 6 months, I have a good job working in DC (Karen, Bill`s not the only one who lives down here) and we are just enjoying a normal (for us) life.
- Pete Young
Subject:  Wash DC8/16/2002
Okay Peter and Bill, we come to VA. often..We have to get together. Peter, since I am in the Medical "business`" I read your brief account of your liver transplant, gratefully things have improved since then. Still I find it "curious" how Graham Nash got a liver about 2 days after he was on the transplant list (and a terrible candidate at that, drugs, booze etc.) I am looking forward to seeing you at the Blue Water
- Karen Peach Carter
Subject:  1990`s4/7/2005
I was in highschool in the late middle 90`s and those were the years of 90210, Melrose Place, New York Selzer Water and Button your Fly t-shirts. I miss how much fun I used to have and how half of the products I used to love like Crystal Pepsi and Cookies-n-Cream Twix are gone!
- Angie Burget
Subject:  childhood memories 4/16/2009
pokemon, decent cartoons, `I totaly did create a baby by sticking two aliens back to back`, concer fights, jelly shoes were cool, everyone knew the macorana, crummy school disco`s dancing crazily to `where did you come from were did you go` song [by rednex i think], BN`s, jelly shoes ect ect
- kt
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